Transmission System Design

Transmission System Design

We have experience with concept and feasibility design of transmission systems for offshore wind farms. Our specialty is concept design of array cables, onshore and offshore substations, onshore and offshore export cables, and grid-connection point assessment.

Our experience is global and ranges from small wind farms of 300MW up to some of the world’s largest offshore wind farms of 2+GW.

The below list is an example of customer deliverables:

  • Array and onshore & offshore export cable layout(s)
  • Onshore and offshore substation concept(s)
  • Back-feed and interlink concept(s)
  • Reactive power compensation concept(s)
  • Grid-code and grid-compliance validation
  • CAPEX models
  • Loss calculation
  • Availability assessment
  • Single line diagrams concept(s)
  • Component rating

We are also happy to undertake other electrical system design and validation tasks, such as:

  • Electrical system validation of component exchange, e.g. component upgrade (cables, transformer, shunt) or exchange of manufacture
  • Electrical system design due diligence
  • Electrical system design verification for systems running in abnormal operational conditions
  • Etc

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